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From Mike James - Reader
I thought you might like to know about a small band of dedicated volunteers from our group of churches that go into Longnor and Dorrington Primary Schools to spread the Gospel on a regular basis every Tuesday alternating between schools during term time.
We use guidance from a national organisation called ‘Open the Book’ and we tell Bible stories. We are now in our seventh year and it’s amazing!
Our aim is to present Bible stories to the children in an accessible and enjoyable way. We want to tell Bible stories so that children may hear them and have some understanding of them. Each story is told in a maximum time of 15 minutes during a whole school assembly.
Children are encouraged to help dramatize each story and considerable time is given by the story tellers to provide props and costumes to enhance each performance. After the story there is always time for guided quiet reflection. Then we will say a prayer at which the children are invited to say Amen at the end if they want it to be their prayer. Then we conclude with a hymn or a song.
Feedback and interaction with the children always reveals how much the children enjoy and look forward to the next story. We are always sensitive to those children of other faiths and indeed to those of none. Last week we told the story of the Exodus from Egypt. Our story started with a five year old Moses banging on the door of the Egyptian Pharaoh demanding that he set God’s people free from slavery. Pharaoh as expected said “no!”
So began a series of plagues until finally an angel of God killed every first born Egyptian child. Only then did the Pharaoh tell Moses to go and to take his people with him. Of course the Pharaoh then changed his mind. The Egyptian army chase God’s people through the desert.
Finally they come to the Red Sea. What do God’s people do now? Well, Moses raised his staff and the sea parted allowing God’s people to cross on dry land. The Egyptian army try to follow, but Moses lowers his staff and the sea returns engulfing the pursuing army, courtesy of two sheets of blue fabric. The audience laugh and cheer. Then we reflect on the story!
The stories we tell through dramatisation are such a joy to us. You often see things that surprise you. Acting the story can be a real revelation to the story tellers as indeed the children.
We are well blessed with a wonderful team of story tellers, but if you would like to join us please do contact me.  
Mike James
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