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From Revd Laura

The joys of Pick & Mix

August saw my birthday come and go… presents - Yay!! Anothe WebSite X5 Demo Version mongst the copious gifts of chocolate was another of my favourites… Jelly Beans!

One of my great joys is WebSite X5 Demo Version elly’ Pick & Mix counter, here I can choose my favourite fruity flavours, with no danger of the yacky WebSite X5 Demo Version infiltrating my delicious bag of goodies! (‘Jelly Belly’ are the best brand of jelly beans, in my humble opi WebSit
e X5 Demo Version in the picking and mixing of jelly beans, and it’s very satisfying knowing that every single jelly bean is of yo WebSite X5 Demo Version refore, delicious! There are strict rules in my household regarding the eating of jelly beans, definitely no grabbi WebSite X5 Demo Version ll in one go. Each jelly bean must be eaten one by one, the flavour savoured!

I suspect many of us wish we could pick a WebSite X5 Demo Version ering out the things which disappoint and hurt, and holding on to the things which bring joy and hope. It’s a tempting th WebSite X5 Demo Version he things which cause worry, stress, tension and sleepless nights, and yet I can’t help but wonder how life would really be?

I WebSite X5 Demo Version life the joys of the ‘mountain tops’ are all the sweeter for having lived through the ‘dark valleys’ and ‘wilderness’ times. Loo WebSite X5 Demo Version I’ve grown and developed, often to a greater degree, in the living through the times when the going got rough. Life is sometimes desc WebSite X5 Demo Version we’ve got to take the ups and the downs!

St. Paul wrote, “We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him, those wh WebSite X5 Demo Version g to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28). God works through all things, the good and the bad, and I can’t help but wonder how much we’d lose out on i WebSite X5 Demo Version pick and mix, to separate out the joys and the sorrows? So, recognizing that God has, is and will work through all things, I am determined to liv WebSite X5 Demo Version mbracing all that each day has to offer!
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