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We will keep this updated with current events. 

For service times and details please see our separate page.

Dates for your Diary

2nd December                Stapleton              Christmas Dance

2nd December                Stapleton              Walking Group

2nd December                Dorrington            Youth Club

3rd December                 CS School              Christmas Sunrise

3rd December                 Stapleton              Film Day

7th December                 Leebotwood          Filling Station

7th December                 Longnor                Longnor Village Hall AGM

8th December                 Shrewsbury           Carol Service

8th December                 Dorrington            Seniors Lunch Club

9th December                 Leebotwood          Christmas Bingo

9th December                 Dorrington School Christmas Production

10th December               Longnor               Christmas Drinks

10th December               Dorrington WI      Carol Service

11th December               Woolstaston         Carols on the Green

12th December               Longnor               Village Hall AGM

12th December               Leebotwood         Let’s make some noise charity event at The Pound

13th December               Leebotwood         Puppet Praise

14th December               Picklescott VH      Smethcote WI Meeting

16th December               Leebotwood        Carol Service

16th December               Leebotwood        Whist Drive

16th December               Longnor              Family Pub Night & Carols around the Christmas Tree

17th December               Picklescott VH      Christmas Party & Sing-a-long

18th December               Longnor              Carol Service

18th December               Smethcote           Carol Service

18th December               Stapleton             Carol Service

22nd December              Stapleton            Carol Singing around the village

22nd December              Dorrington          Carols at The Horseshoes

31st December               Leebotwood        Celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Pound

4th January                    Leebotwood        Filling Station

6th January                   Stapleton            Walking Group

6th January                   Dorrington          Youth Club

7th January                   Stapleton            Film Day

8th January                   Dorrington          Benefice Vision Day

10th January                 Leebotwood        Puppet Praise

11th January                 Leebotwood        Smethcote WI Meeting

12th January                 Longnor              PCC Meeting

12th January                 Dorrington          Seniors Lunch Club

16th January                 Stapleton            Book Club

20th January                 Leebotwood        Whist Drive

21st January                 Stapleton            Afternoon ‘Champagne’ Tea

25th January                 Stapleton            PCC Meeting

25th January                 Picklescott VH      All Stretton, Smethcote, Woolstaston Parish Council

All entries must be submitted no later than 14th January 2017

 For further information on the above events see entry in Magazine.

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All entries must be submitted no later than 14th November

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