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Dates for your Diary

Sunday              1st Jul    Stapleton        BBQ
Sunday       1st Jul    Longnor School   Summer Show
Tuesday      3rd Jul    Leebotwood VH    Puppet Praise
Tuesday      3rd Jul    Stapleton VH     Chat&Do
Tuesday      3rd Jul    Station Inn      Stapleton Community Lunch Club
Wednesday    4th Jul    Leebotwood VH    Filling Station
Wednesday    4th Jul    Dorrington VH    Teds Mixing Bowl
Thursday     5th Jul    Smethcote WI     Visit to Tatton Park, Cheshire (venue change)
Friday       6th Jul    Dorrington VH    Youth Club
Friday       6th Jul    Longnor VH       Village Social
Friday       6th Jul    Stapleton Church Walking Group
Saturday     7th Jul    Stapleton VH     Film night
Wednesday    11th Jul   Dorrington VH    Teds Mixing Bowl
Wednesday    11th Jul   Leebotwood VH    Smetchcote WI
Thursday     12th Jul   Horseshoes       Seniors Lunch Club
Saturday     14th Jul   Leebotwood VH    Leebotwood Beer Festival
Saturday     14th Jul   Leebotwood       Six Churches Challenge Walk
Saturday     14th Jul   Stapleton VH     “Champagne” Tea Party
Sunday       15th Jul   Smethcote        Summer Evensong with supper
Tuesday      17th Jul   Stapleton VH     Chat&Do
Wednesday    18th Jul   Dorrington VH    Teds Mixing Bowl
Friday       20th Jul   Leebotwood VH    Whist Drive
Wednesday    25th Jul   Dorrington VH    Teds Mixing Bowl
Saturday     28th Jul   Smethcote        Violin Recital Gabriellla Demeterova
Tuesday      31th Jul   Stapleton VH     Chat&Do
Tuesday      7th Aug    Bottle & Glass   Lunch Club
Tuesday      7th Aug    Leebotwood VH    Puppet Praise
Sunday       9th Sep    Picklescott VH   Pickscott Late Summer Fayre & Fun Day
For further information on the above events see entry in Magazine
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