February Letter 2019 - Steeplewood

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Warm Air Rises, Cold Air Sinks!
Around 25 years ago, I decided to take my passion for the weather and meteorology a step further, until that time I had been a curious observer, with little if any technical knowledge or understanding, just a wonder worthy of the proverbial child in a sweet shop!
I was at Shrewsbury College doing a science diploma, and one of my tutors was a fantastic chap by the name of Doctor Roberts.  He taught us general science, but I discovered that he had a specialty in meteorology. As you can imagine, I soon latched onto him and we would spend hours (literally) during class, at break and after college discussing our mutual love!
Although meteorology wasn’t one of the subjects on the course I was doing, I seemed to be spending more and more time reading around it, at one point getting chastised by my physics tutor for using a little too much “artistic license” in choosing a topic for an assignment supposedly about light.  (I chose rainbows!!!)
Not being one to do anything by half, one day I went out and bought myself the first of many reference books on my favourite subject.  It was entitled ‘Atmosphere, Weather and Climate’. I still have it! It’s obviously quite old now, quite dirty, dog eared, the odd page stuck together with ketchup and the likes!
To this date there is no other book I have read as many times.  It sits proudly on my book case, and despite the 25 odd years I’ve had her, she still comes out from time to time when I need a reminder or the odd puzzle pops into my head.
I remember the first day I took my new prize possession in to show off to Doctor Roberts.  I handed it to him. He flicked slowly through the pages, peaked inside the front cover and waved it up and down whilst giving me a wry smile.  He said, “1322 pages, £27 of your hard-earned money and a fair weight in paper, all to tell you that warm air rises and cold air sinks”. Rather puzzled I gazed blankly and gave him a, “Huh?”  Popping the book down on the table beside him, he took a deep breath and said, “Every cloud, every storm, every drop of rain, every patch of mist and fog, every breath of wind and every inch of blue sky can be explained by the 7 words ‘warm air rises and cold air sinks’.”
He went on, “Of course you can read this book and gain lots of knowledge about lots of technical detail, but really, it all comes back to ‘warm air rises and cold air sinks’”.  At the time I guess I was a little miffed, but as the years went on I’ve come to understand what he was telling me. I’ve come to see The Bible a little like this.

Scripture can be a very intimidating and confusing thing to the ‘novice’, with hidden meanings and unexpected implications, subject to interpretation.  In our modern world it can be hard to understand or relate to it, but then Jesus comes along and tells us that really, when you drill right down into it, what we need to know is that we must love God and we must love each other.  That’s it!
Of course, there is more to it than that, lots of detail, lots to learn, lots to know, lots of wonder, lots to discover, but behind it all lies the simple commandments given to us, love God and love each other.
Warm air rises, and cold air sinks!
Gods’ love and peace be with you all.
Submitted by Rev. Laura Dalton, Rector

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