March letter 2016 - Steeplewood

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“X” MARKS THE SPOT! - A message from the Rural Dean

A schoolboy aged 6 once came home mystified by an X in his exercise book. His mother explained that it meant he had got the sum wrong. At the age of 13 he came home in tears from school one day with a letter from a girl with an X at the bottom. “What have I done wrong?” he sobbed. “I think it’s a kiss,” his mother said gently, “It means she loves you.” At eighteen he was confused to receive a card asking him to put an X against someone’s name. “Does this mean I am wrong or in love?” His Dad put him right. “He’s asking for your vote in the election, silly!”

Jesus told us that His death on the Cross means all these 3 things. Naturally we are out of step and out of relationship with God because so many of the things that come out of our hearts are displeasing to a God who is totally pure – just as things we do might be displeasing to others, who have certain standards. So we are in the wrong with God.  

But far from distancing Himself, God came to find us and bring us back to Himself at the infinite cost of the life of His Son, Jesus. He came to give His life as a ransom for many (Mark 10:45).  

And finally, He invited us to follow Him, which He said meant taking up our cross, even to death. This means that we are called to give our allegiance to Christ. He asks for our vote, as it were, our decision, to trust and follow Him. So the events of Good Friday are very pertinent today. As a result of what Jesus did for us on the cross, we can be restored into a personal relationship with God, that is not just for now, but also for eternity – because this same Jesus did not just die, He also rose again and defeated death. This is a well attested fact which Christians celebrate each Sunday in particular and on Easter Sunday above all.  

So please do come and celebrate with us at any of our Easter events and services.  

Richard Hill (Rural Dean)
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