March Letter 2019 - Steeplewood

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Following the announcement of the retirement of the Bishop of Hereford, the Rt Revd Richard Frith (pictured right), The Diocese of Hereford are in the process of appointing a new Diocesan Bishop. This process is known as the Vacancy in See.
A committee has been appointed in the diocese to draw up a statement of needs and consider the qualities required in the next Bishop and the future focus of our diocese. Steeplewood Fold are well represented on the Vacancy in See committee as we have three local members: Rev. Laura Dalton, Mrs Kate King and Mrs Kay Askew. The committee has 21 members in total.
These details will then be taken forward to the national Crown Nominations Commission for review.
Six members of the Vacancy-in-See Committee join the Crown Nominations Commission as part of the process.
Diocesan representatives work alongside representatives of the Church of England as a whole, under the presidence of the Archbishops. The Sovereign (advised by the Prime Minister) makes the final appointment to the vacant see.
The appointment is not made by the diocese because of the variety of roles, which diocesan bishops have – not only within the Church of England but also as local and national figures.
As part of the appointment process people are invited to put forward their opinions and thoughts on the qualities needed in the next Bishop of Hereford and what the future focus for the diocese should be.
Comments can be submitted for consideration by the committee responsible for the appointment, The Vacancy in See Committee in a variety of ways:
· Attend the next consultation event on Wednesday 6th March at St Laurence’s, Church Stretton from 4-6pm.
· Email Canon Caroline Boddington –
· Make a submission using the comments box available on the Diocesan website.
· Contact a diocesan representative on the Vacancy in See Committee, contact details available on the Diocesan website.
Mostly it’s important that you pray, that God’s will is done in our Diocese and in our nation.
Rev. Laura Dalton
Rector, Member of General Synod
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