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A message from Rev. Caro

It is with great delight we can announce the new appointment to the Benefic WebSite X5 Demo Version aura Hill, Team Curate, Bridgnorth & Morville Parishes Team Ministry.  

She is being appointed as WebSite X5 Demo Version nate and is being installed at 7pm on Wednesday, 13th July at Stapleton.  

Her first service is a Group Se WebSite X5 Demo Version nday 17th July 2016 at 10:30am.  

Our two Archbishops sent a letter to the clergy in Lent and I quote:  
‘ WebSite X5 Demo Version l be done…..A Call to Prayer in the week leading up to Pentecost 2016’  

Pentecost is on Sunday May 15 and we will b WebSite X5 Demo Version Service to  celebrate this.  This will take place in Longnor Church beginning at 11.00am with a Picnic following, s WebSite X5 Demo Version g friends and family – and your picnic! – In our meeting of Puppet Praise in the preceding week, on Tuesday 10 May we will be making WebSite X5 Demo Version service, and we very much hope that as many  children as possible will be able to join us for this festive service.  

There is a WebSite X5 Demo Version ay 11 May in Church Stretton, as a part of the lead up to Pentecost.  

Pentecost is the Birthday of the Church and a great cause for celebra WebSite X5

Demo Version plenty of activities taking place in our Benefice during May, do come and support them, they are all listed on the back page of the magazine.  

I w WebSite X5 Demo Version ne reading this letter has not, at some time in their lives, asked the question ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?’  Certainly it is a question I WebSite X5 Demo Version me.  If you would like to explore this do please come to Leebotwood Village Hall on Wednesday 4 May by and listen to Joanne Dyer our Filling Station spe WebSite X5 Demo Version bsp;finish by 9pm.  

Please pray for Laura and her family as they prepare to come and live amongst us as she has been appointed Incumbent Designate. She is also one of t WebSite X5 Demo Version ntatives of our Diocese on the General Synod.  

Blessings, Revd Caro
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