October 2017 - Steeplewood

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From the Rector, Rev. Laura Dalton

Give, ye thankful people, give

As the summer slips by, and we move into autumn, many of us will be thinking of harvest. For some of us that may mean a physical, real, actual harvest of fruits or crops but I invite you to think a little differently!

Without the sowing and tending we’d struggle to reap any produce, and this is true in so many ways. As a church we’re called to sow and tend to the faith of those around us, to spread the good news of Jesus, crucified and risen. We can do this individually, whether that’s by speaking about our faith to friends and family or donating to church mission charities. We can offer our time, our skills, our money. We can encourage those around us to think more deeply about what life means, to consider what’s really important, to discover a sense of purpose, we can encourage each other to help make a difference in our communities.

We’re called to this corporately too, and as churches we need to continually question how we sow physically and spiritually in to the lives of those around us. Our churches are active and loving within our communities in many ways, in worship, in community service, in supporting community initiatives and businesses, in reaching out.

I firmly believe that there is a direct link between our own sense of thankfulness and what we’re willing to give to others, freely we have received, freely we give. As our minds, hearts and worship turn to harvest and thankfulness for all that God has done, so should our minds and hearts turn towards the ways in which we can give generously. Rev’d Lau

Rev. Laura Dalton

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